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March 2, 2009


I’m scared to death of mice. Scared. to. death. A couple of years ago, I inadvertently brought a mouse home from the pet store. He was a little white, pink-eyed guy who had hitched a ride in a bag of dog food. When I saw him looking up at me from the bottom of our pack porch stairs, I screamed bloody-murder, slammed the door, ran back into the house and dealt with my serious case of the heebee-geebees. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that a wild, attack-prone mouse wouldn’t be white with pink eyes. My husband was the lucky mouse catcher that day {he’s also my spider & creepy bug go-to guy}. I couldn’t stand the thought of a pet mouse being sent into the wild to fend for himself {I have a VERY patient husband}, and, I certainly didn’t want him hanging out at our house. He was caught, and returned to the store {with big apologies for our trauma}. Phew!

Not sure how I can find mice cute while being completely scared of the real life versions…but I absolutely LOVE the little mouse cards by Bestiary Ink. They come in a set with different mousey illustrations. I think I love the knitting mouse the most. Adorable! Bestiary Ink also has a nice collection of prints! Lots of sweet animals {not just mice!} in her collections.


Anonymously Chic said on March 3, 2009

i have a friend who shares a similar aversion to rats (i’m not sure if that translates to mice), but i’d be interested to see if she’d accept this a card like this without wincing. they are quite adorable.

joanna goddard said on March 5, 2009

ha, that is SO funny–and freaky! when we first moved into our apartment, we caught 17 mice in the first six months!!! it was insane. then we got a cat and we never saw another one :) i love these cute drawings. xo

Rebecca said on March 15, 2009

I think mice are adorable. The illustration is spectacular.

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