amelia oil.

June 29, 2009

I visited Italy for the first time last summer. We saw incredible sights, endured outrageously hot days, drank lots of wine, and ate some of the most incredible food. One thing I miss since our return to the states is the olive oil. There’s just something about the oil in Italy that is unlike anything I’ve had here.

I was so excited to learn about Amelia Oil a few weeks ago! The business is a Canadian mother-daughter duo who import olive oil from a little Italian town called Amelia. The oil is wonderful, and just like I remember in Italy {my order arrived just last week, and I’ve been savoring it!}. They use only fair trade practices, and sell oil from farmers whom they know personally. The oil is reasonably priced too…for a premium olive oil. I hope you will try it…you can learn more by visiting their site, or their blog!

Do you have a favorite vacation-food that you can’t get where you live? Since I’m asking, you’d better add California fish tacos to my list!


Kim @ Everything Etsy said on June 29, 2009

Don’t get me started on food and vacations. We love to find local food wherever we travel…and we’ve traveled a good bit. It’s so much fun to try new things. The kids will even eat new things if it’s a specialty of the area.

It sounds like great olive oil…I use a ton.


Jen @ said on June 30, 2009

Hmmm, this doesn’t happen too often to me since I live in Seattle. This town was made for foodies and generally my gastronomical needs are always met. Pike Place Market has a great olive oil place. And if I ever moved away, I’d miss terribly Bizzarro’s Italian Cafe. Oh – I do miss Pomodori’s Pizzeria and their wood fired pizza in Cincinnati where I went to college. That’s about it!

The Craftaholic said on June 30, 2009

I just love the amish food in pennsylvania quite a bit. Yummmmm
I love going to the Waffle house too.
OMG Waffle house. And IHOP.
I love love love diners outside of the NYC area.

Livia said on June 30, 2009

I lived in Istanbul for a year as an exchange student and I miss ALL of the food there. My favorites were manti, cabbage dolma, lahmacun, and Iskender kebap.

Turkey is an all-around awesome country to visit for food, amongst many other reasons. Think of it this way: Turkey has all of the climates we have here in the US except it is the size of Texas so everything is super fresh, it doesn’t have to travel as far to your table.

tara g said on July 4, 2009

thanks for letting us know about that awesome company.

my husband would put fries from the boardwalk on his vacation food wishlist!

Anne @ The City Sage said on July 8, 2009

Oh boy, do I ever have fave vacation foods! Pretty much every trip has a food that I crave—everything from this sublime boxed juice that I drank in Switzerland when I was 13, to the pizza the huz and I ate almost every night when we were on our hawaiian honeymoon (must have been something in the air, because it was the best pizza i’ve ever had!).

alright, now I’m hungry!

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