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What a busy six months it has been!! I just graduated from the Chicago School of Thai Massage on Sunday…which I’m very excited about…AND while looking through Etsy a couple of days later, I found these SUPER cute leather goods that are made in Thailand. The shop is called RN & TN. I love the colors and designs…think I may have to buy a wallet as a graduation present for myself!!

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Hollyhawk has the most adorable leather accessories. Designer, Holly Strate’s designs are modern and stylish. I love her use of color too. She offers card cases, purses, jewelry and leather wrist cuffs. Really great stuff! Make sure to check out her site.

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Urban Heirlooms offers exquisitely crafted leather wallets, purses and cuffs for sale in their etsy shop. I just adore the vintage keys! Here’s a blurb from their homepage {I love it!!}:

“If this were a storefront, it would be on a sunny, tree-lined street behind plate glass windows, with a wooden swing in front trailing sweet honeysuckle vines. Ella Fitzgerald would be singing from the Cole Porter Songbook, and I’d offer you a glass of sweet tea.”

{Oh, and I’m pretty sure that vintagey isn’t a word!!}

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In a drastic departure from sweet necklaces with flowers (from my last post)…I’m totally loving these tattoo-inspired belts by Jon Wye. I’m thinking jeans and a tee-shirt with one of these funky belts…choose the buckle to match. He also sells wrist cuffs, and some great tees on his site. Check it out!